Tuesday, August 20, 2013

IBOT - Scones and Jam

My skin has been troublesome lately with a fresh dose of Shingles, weird 'other' rashes, a swollen eye and eczema. Today after a few days reprieve it took a turn for the worse, itchy and hot and just generally unpleasant to dwell inside of.
All in all rashy, itchy skin is not the worst affliction on the planet, but it is hard to keep that in perspective while clutching icepacks to your chest and snorting Zyrtec.

It's time for some TLC, a gentle few days, some down time. Time to indulge a little and feel nurtured. I don't really eat chocolate and it's too early for wine....

Time for tea and scones.

When you are feeling like crap , recipes with 3 ingredients are a gift from heaven!

3 &1/2 cups SR flour
1 cup lemonade (once again thanking The Man I Married for the Soda Stream he bought himself me for Mothers Day one year)
1 cup cream

Mix, cut out circles with scone cutter or glass. Bake at 220 until golden brown on top.


A gorgeous hot cup of tea in a pansy teacup and plenty of jam.

Hopefully the "Itchies and scratchies " fade quickly but in the meantime I have scones to keep me company.

What is your 'comfort food ' ?

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  1. Oh wow, I LOOOVE scones and jam and cream! And I got a recipe pretty much identical to that from my grandmother - isn't it great! I'm glad you found some comfort food. I am learning how to be a no-sugar-eater at the moment and comfort food that appeals is hard to find! Checking in from IBOT :)

  2. Loving the tea cup and saucer!
    I do lots of baking, it always makes me feel good but I think soup would be my comfort food.
    I hope you feel better soon X

  3. Glad to hear you are nurturing yourself Lisa - VERY IMPORTANT!
    My comfort food is anything I can see in the pantry that takes my fancy at the time I need it - I'm not fussy!

  4. This is my most favourite scone recipe! I used to make them at school when I was teaching early childhood. Much nicer to have the kids mix these ingredients than having their fingers rubbing butter into flour!
    My comfort food is chocolate!
    Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

  5. Yup...this recipe is a HUGE hit in our home! Never fails...EVER! I mix it up a bit and make heart or star shaped ones :)

  6. Oh yum they sound so lovely and nice and easy too. Hope the itches and scratches have gone by now. Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT


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