Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend Writers Linkup --- In the beginning

While there are many dedicated daily bloggers out there, there are also many who just blog when they get a chance, and often that chance comes on the weekend.

This is a new link-up, it will run every weekend... and the rules are pretty simple.

Love the Linker! - Comment on the hosts post ---(I love how that sounds - "Host posts"...) - A little loving goes a long way, and with some support, I will do my best to continue this link-up and showcase some of the best Weekend Writing we bloggers have to offer. Follow Button Brain in the social world somewhere - on Facebook , Twitter or follow this blog.... Thankyou!!!

Add the Weekend Writer Button somewhere on your blog, either on the sidebar (I have a Grab the Code option) , or add a link to Button Brain and the Weekend Writers image within your post - feel free to right click and copy the images available.

 Link your previously unpublished weekend post via the Linky tool .. this is any post you wrote and published over the weekend, there are no rules on topics ( as long as it isn't illegal) . If you blog Saturday and Sunday you are welcome to link both.

Show your love to other linkees - we can be a great support and source of friendship in blogland, spend a little time reading other peoples posts.. you never know, you might find a kindred spirit or a fellow lunatic.

Please be honest and only link a fresh unpublished post ... don't link old posts or send your sales pitch every weekend... show us your blog !

Join me this weekend and add your link to the Weekend Writer Link-up.


  1. What a great idea !!! I don't normally blog on the weekend but if I get a chance, I will certainly link up !!
    Have the BEST weekend !

  2. What a great idea! I would love to join, I already have a post in mind that I was planning on writing this weekend. :)

    1. join in, will be small to start off but hoping that we can build a nice little weekend escape community xxx My post for Saturday morning is ready to roll, so pop back in the morning and link up

  3. HI Lisa, I think this is a great idea. I have added your button to my blog hopping page on my blog:)

  4. I have added your link to my blog, but not sure how to share my blog post posted today. Sorry I'm a newbie.


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