Friday, August 16, 2013

Turning Four

Cathy from The Camera Chronicles has asked this week "Do you remember your 4th birthday?"

In truth there are probably about 5 seconds of memory of this day and the rest is helped generously by faded, yellowed photographs.

At 4 I was a teeny, tiny, little dot of a thing, almost ready for school

Obviously the bowl haircut was very much in for the year 1976, and that fringe is probably why my eyebrows got scared and half of them disappeared entirely and Never Returned!

But I digress.....

At the time we lived in Sydney at the bottom of a GI-GANT-A-NORMOUS hill, in a culdesac

Next door lived Stephanie, and across the road lived Corinne (who once snuck into our backyard and swung on our swing when we weren't home !) and around the corner lived the twins and so...
On my 4th birthday, after preschool, but before the big sister and big brother got home from school, we had 'tea'
I tried to crop the picture to save Corinne from this less-than-flattering-pose, but hey, reality is what it is, and I very much doubt she reads my blog (or remembers my name), so here is the full photo.

We sat outside and ate sandwiches and smiled - well actually everyone else smiled for the camera while I stuffed my face

I don't remember much of being 4, except that my brother was my best friend, and my sister knew absolutely everything that was important , like reading and writing and how to tie shoe laces so they stayed done up without any help.


Do you remember being four?

It's Flashback Friday so visit Cathy at The Camera Chronicles for some blog-loving


  1. Love your post and love the fact you all had the same haircut! It was like the cool kid's club :) Such nice memories of a simpler time...

  2. We lived in a cul-de-sac too, with lots of kids, we used to all play in the street. We lived at the bottom end of the cul-de-sac, so we had the biggest back yard and lots of kids would come over to play on our swings.

    I don't really remember much about being four, except one time I hid behind the book shelf at pre-school because I didn't want to go home. Conversely, another time I sobbed because Mum was the last one to arrive to pick me up and I thought she's left me there!

    Have to say, I love the bowel hair cuts. Very 70's. xo

  3. You have a very good memory! lol I've seen a photo of myself, at my 1st birthday with cake all over my face with the little girl that lived across the road.... We are still friends to this day! But I can't actually remember my birthdays... :/


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