Monday, July 1, 2013

I forgot I wrote a book

Sometimes I am pleasantly distracted.
Other times I am frighteningly vague and forgetful.

For the past 2 years I have been immersed in the blogging community and daydreaming about the possibility that I might actually one day hold in my hand something I have written. A hard copy of my words.
There are fellow bloggers who have 'self published' and I am always amazed at their self confidence. I wonder how I would ever get to the point that I feel my work is worthy of real paper.

I woke up this morning feeling unsettled. Something about a book, something about a box of ....

HEY ! Wait a minute.... I did that !!!!


It troubles me that I FORGOT I did this!

So this morning I was out in the shed, digging around in the back of an old cupboard, and voila'

front cover

back cover

Back in 2008, while I was still madly making all my buttons, as well as raising my babies, I decided to have a go and creating a craft book.
Thirty four pages of stitching, baking, quotes....

I did the setting out all myself, on my little laptop in the study.
I sourced a printer in South Australia, and pressed send.
And 4 weeks later they arrived.

I am laughing at myself today, but also wondering what else I have forgotten about.

Would you like a copy?
I'm happily giving away 5 copies (yes I've checked and I do have them!)

Tell me what you have forgotten? Are you as ditzy as me?
The top five answers that make me laugh or gasp can have a copy of the forgotten treasure in my cupboard!

Tell your friends, share away...

Winners announced 13 July...


  1. PMSL - I cannot believe that you wrote a book and had forgotten about it !!! If I had written a book you better believe there would be one in every room and two in the loungeroom in case someone wants to read it when someone else is reading it !!!
    Maybe you better sit down in a quiet place for a few days and think about what other achievements you have accomplished and bring them out now as well.
    Have the best day however you decide to spend it !

    1. Hahaha. I was so excited when I first got them, but when packed away most of my craft business I also packed away my brain!

  2. Pick me! Pick me! Please!!!!!!!!! I can't quite remember the ditziest thing I have forgotten but I really would love one of these books please. Pretty pretty please

  3. This is amazing! What a neat accomplishment, even if you forgot it. ;)

    Sometimes I forget that I used to bring little people into the world for a living. It's a whole life away these days. I'll see a mom in the grocery store & she'll tell her kids "She helped deliver you" & the magnitude of forever being attached to these families hits me all over again.

    1. That's amazing! I can imagine that is pretty cool.

  4. That's so awesome! What a cute little book!
    I forget everything - my phone, my wallet...The other day after grocery shopping, I got home to realise that I had left my wallet in the shopping trolley! Raced back and luckily they had found it and kept it in a safe place...phew!

    1. LOL Grace, I do this once a year! So far I've been lucky enough that my things are still sitting waiting for me. xxx

  5. Oh you clever chick - how gorgeous it that book. I hope you have the cover of one framed so you never forget again. xx

    1. Yesterday I scrambled through my cupboards finding the samples of the book projects. Such a lot of stitching to have packed away

  6. That's a great story... you've already reached your ambition and it was years ago- hooray for you! I have often forgotten my sense of humour!! I don't know where I misslay it some days but honest injun, life's so much better when I find it.

  7. Wow! What an achievement! When life is busy tending to babies and toddlers, things can go astray.

    I went through an awful phase where I was so forgetful. I would lose my keys at critical moments over a 6 month period!! This was often as we were just about to leave the house.

    On other occasions I would close the door with my keys IN the house. Boy, was I forgetful.

    I remember one awful day being locked out of the house with young children and no keys or phone! A neighbour let me use their phone and my husband had to travel home a one hour drive to let us back in!! Not funny!

    Then I read some fabulous advice to set up a routine! Always put the keys in the same place! I was always a person against routines but it saved my sanity!

    I'd love a copy of your book. I think it represents a special time in every mum's life!

  8. that is awesome, I can't wait till I have written a book. Right now i've got the talent but not the right idea!!!

  9. Hey How come your sister hasn't got one!!! :-)

  10. That looks like a lovely book, and you must have worked hard on it. Well done! And what a nice surprise to realise you'd done it! Good on you :)

  11. In the starting of this year I bought a dress for myself and kept it in my wardrobe and it just slipped out of my mind.I was over the moon when I found it last month.

    Most of the time I buy chocolates for myself and hide them somewhere away from kids and just forget about them ( out of sight -out of mind )and when I suddenly find them while looking for something else I just laugh at myself.

  12. I forget lots of things these days, no really big things I can think of but I forget cups of coffee, I forget birthdays, I forget shopping lists, overdue library books, loads of washing,phone numbers, boiling vegetables and much more. I used to be so organised and always arrived early for everything, pregnancy number 5 seems to have stolen my brain permanently!


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