Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to Sturdy One - IBOT

You know who rocks?
Jai! Jai rocks.
Jai the JB Hi-Fi guy.


On Thursday my laptop that was the replacement laptop for my old laptop that got dropped, which was actually a replacement for the laptop that Miss ? dropped a hot chocolate into... Ahh never mind!
I'll begin again.

On Thursday, my laptop decided it was going to go to heaven.
It gave me one warning, stuck out its tongue and turned up its toes.
To say I was disturbed is putting it mildly.
My laptop is my connection to you guys! To my blog, to Twitter, to my online store, to Candy Cush Saga y'all!!
On Sunday I went to JB Hi-Fi and stood amongst the bazillion other shoppers trying to make head or tail of the bazillions of different computers available. I knew I needed a laptop, with a decent graphics capability and good internet speed.
Somehow in all the noise and crazy that seems to be the hallmark of Sunday afternoon shoppers, I failed to convey those two needs adequately to my patient but harried salesman.

I brought home a cute little laptop, functional, petite and woefully inadequate for the job.
I spent yesterday trying valiantly to make the newcomer comply with my commands. Over and over it crashed. It refused to open apps, it refused to close down, it refused to turn off its fans. Worst of all, it refused to open twitter.
I didn't even try to download my art program to it, I just knew it couldn't cope. Poor baby computer.


This morning I went back to visit my salesman Jai.
Jai smiled, nodded and in a flash of a second, he was agreeing. Petite One was the wrong computer. Totally wrong. Not her fault, she was never made to get her hands that dirty.

Here's why Jai rocks. Within 7 minutes of my walking in to the store, I was walking out with a more suitable model. Jai didn't try to blame me for making the wrong choice and he didn't question my need to return Petite One. He helped me understand what I needed, and found a model that suited me. He smiled and agreed that Sunday Shoppers are crazy. He gently reprogrammed Petite One so she doesn't have to remember her traumatic visit to my house.

Then with a wave he sent me on my way, with Sturdy One.  A more robust, gutsy, graphic oriented, internet loving laptop.

Jai at Albury JB Hi-Fi , you made my day. Thankyou!!

Have you had good service lately? Give them some world wide loving xx

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  1. Such a great story !!!!!
    Funnily enough we were in JB Hi-Fi on Sunday looking at laptops too. After going to Harvey Norman and then Domayne we realised that we really were wasting our time and money and what A originally went in to look for was not what we landed up looking at so we went and looked at acerage instead !!
    Have the best day and I wish for you and Sturdy One many happy moments together !

    1. I sent an email to the JB Hi-Fi website to pass on my compliments, this is the way service should be, if the customer and the server are respectful and interested in a happy outcome. ( I love Steve !)

  2. Yay! Congrats on your new arrival, I don't know what I'd do without my laptop!

    1. Sturdy One is awesome. I am sooo happy, Typing typing... 8 browser windows open and it hasn't even broken a sweat. Happy days ! (I love Steve !)

  3. There is nothing sweeter than all the technology humming along - I hate it when it breaks down. You were very patient, and bless Steve, he rocks.

  4. Nothing better than great service in a day when most things are brought online without contact to anyone.

  5. You can't bet great service, so hard to find these days! ENJOY :)

  6. Yay Steve! Nice to hear a happy ending story like this.
    I love my mac book. Nothing will ever have me change from her again.


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