Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She wants to be a nun

"I want to become a nun" she tells me earnestly. "A carmellite nun".
Hmm this is quite specific.

Then the penny drops. "
"Have you, by any chance, been watching Sister Act ?"

My little Miss 8 nods and clasps her hands together.
"I don't think I want to go to a place where you can't talk because I wouldn't be very good at that, but I want to go to Nun house where they sing all day."

Freezing cold, dreary grey Victorian Winter School holidays mean lots of inside time, and my youngest has been going through my old dvd's and even the VCR tapes.

No Bratz movies or Monster High, Not the latest and greatest in high-tech special effects.
She is a traditionalist.

The King and I
The Sound of Music
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Wizard of Oz
Mary Poppins
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Basically anything that has lots of music in it.
Add to this her newly aquired favourites of Pitch Perfect, Sister Act 1 and 2, Footloose and Xanadu.

It's a singing, dancing stage show at our house. The older kids are doing a FANTASTIC job of scratching their eardrums out with a fork as my youngest "etcetera ... etcetera...etcetera" s several thousand times a day and practising her Hail Mary's.

What's showing on the small screen at your house these holidays?


  1. What great taste she has. Certainly a much better choice I say. We are currently stuck on a cycle of wreck it ralph and monsters inc with a bit of despicable me thrown in for good measure

    1. LOL yes she does, although I'll admit I'm a bit partial to Despicable Me.. Funny!
      If this girl isn't on Broadway in 10 years something has gone horribly wrong !

  2. Yes she does have good taste!
    ABC2. Thank God for ABC2...
    Hanging out for when my kids are old enough to appreciate family movies. ;o)

    1. I love ABC2 - Except Peppa Pig. That is a horrid show, but Charlie and Lola and the Little Princess.. sigh ! And Justine on Playschool.. she rocks!

  3. Most of them are classics that every child should enjoy (or endure...). How does Xanadu go down? It's one film that I wouldn't have thought would stand the test of time quite so well. But then who doesn't love to sing on roller skates? Hope the weather improves for you soon!

    1. She likes xanadu, has a penchant for Grease ( luckily most of the adult concepts seem to have gone over her head) She ADORES Dirty Dancing - with Mummy fast forwarding 'THAT' scene.. lol

  4. My kids LOVED The Sound of Music, they still crack up at "High on a hill was a lonely goat turd..."

  5. Great choices that girl. My wee lass has finally got around to Mary Poppins and enjoying it - I know she would... must get some other old classics, especially Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which I am achingt o watch again myself.

    Nun's an excellent career choice - says this exhausted mother and neglected partner.

  6. Lol. She sounds like me as a kid. I wanted to be the flying nun :)

  7. Hahaha! Your kids are awesome! I think your Miss 8 and my Miss 11 would get along great! Mine is into the classics as well... especially where there is singing going on!

    MC x

  8. ABC3. Which is mostly good, but even on there there is some dross. We don't go out to movies much, so quite unawares we have become a bit daggy and slow with the latest movies.
    We went and saw Despicable Me 2 at the cinema these holidays, but hadn't even seen the first movie.
    And for a treat a while back I rented Brave through my Apple TV. My eldest had a friend over, and she was all like, yeah, I saw that ages ago. Hasn't EVERYONE?
    Same thing happenned with Australia Zoo. Over the Easter HOlidays we had a big family adventure trip there (not really an adventure, just how we label things at our house) and of course the girls were so excited to tell all their friends, but all their friends were "we go there all the time". I felt very much the bad parent.

  9. LOL - she has great taste in the movies she is watching !!!
    Sometimes K is in a singing mood and it can drive me nuts because she can't sing - she can't hold a note but she doesn't care - she belts some tunes out and I am hard pressed to even know what she is singing until she tells me !!!
    Have the best day !

  10. She has awesome taste! My kids have been watching a dvd of a tv series called Winx. It makes me want to scratch my eyes out


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