Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Dinosaur-Dragon named Mabel

I haven't really encouraged gender specific toys. I have allowed our kids to choose and play with whatever they want. J-man had a pram and clothes for his beloved blue bear and both Miss 15 and Miss 9 have had an awesome collection of matchbox cars and trucks. Miss 17 was obsessed with dragons and unicorns and they pretty much all just 'played' with whatever made them happy.
When Miss 17 was much younger and in the midst of her dinosaur/dragon phase she wanted to have one of her own. So for Christmas Santa brought her a Dino-raptor ..a remote controlled ANGRY beast who flicked his tail and growled/roared and hissed at anyone within sonic detection.

After a couple of years and some growing out of childhood, the Dino-raptor was pushed to the back of her high cupboard, where he has languished for several years.

Today, Miss 17 decided to clean out her cupboard and out came The Angry One.

Miss 9 quickly claimed him as her own.
Re-gendered him to a her and named her Mabel.
She has a quilted nest now as well as a loving home.

Mabel isn't so scary now, she is just misunderstood or hungry.
She is getting lots of love and affection.

She gave birth to a multicoloured dragon baby earlier today called Marley. (Things move quickly in the Young household)

I'm fairly certain this is not what the creators of the Dino-raptor had in mind.

What can I say? Miss 9 has a nurturing heart. Even when the object of her concern happens to be a 3 foot long plastic dino-dragon robot.

You Will Be Loved.

What toys have surprised you with your children?

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  1. I'm pretty sure Boy Child has (or had) one of those lying around somewhere. I can see that my Miss 9 would adopt it too. Congratulations on your new family member I hope Marley is well behaved!


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