Sunday, July 21, 2013

Teddy wears a turtleneck

Teddy bear was very cute.
He was also very fluffy.
He was so fluffy that little bits of grass got stuck in his fur.
He was so fluffy that people thought he was a cushion and sat on him.
He was sooooo fluffy that he couldn't even see where he was going.

So Teddy's mummy got out her trusty clippers.
Teddy was not happy.
Teddy was very, very not happy.
Not only did she clip away all his lovely soft, warm, fluffy fur.
She also made him wear this humiliating pink turtleneck cardigan.
Poor teddy.

Even the cat laughed.


  1. Nawww poor teddy - he still looks cute though!

  2. Such a woebegone little face with those sad eyes!!! PINK - now I ask you? Didn't Teddy's grandmother search high and low in Woden Hospital for a BLUE blanket for No. 1 Young Grandson? The least you could do is find a blue/green/plaid one for Teddy! TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

  3. How about showing me in my spiffing new jacket, Mum????? Love Teddy


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