Thursday, July 25, 2013


Life is complicated and there is so much that needs attention in the world.
There are truly awful political and humanitarian situations worldwide (and yes, on our very own red soil) . It can be very easy to get mired down in the sadness and the unfairness of it all.

I don't want you to think that I'm a complete airhead, or totally lacking in social conscience but there are many blogs that speak far more eloquently about social issues than I could ever hope to.

And so, I shall bring you what our house does best.

We do silly well. We laugh a lot, mostly at ourselves.
And I'm grateful for that. A day without a good giggle is a day wasted in my opinion.
We laugh at Miss Abby , the paranoid schizophrenic but lovable pup who is wearing yet another thing that amuses me greatly - dog clothes

If you think she looks pissed off, it's because she is. Turns out dogs don't really like wearing knitted jumpers.

After Teddy Had a Haircut , one commenter (aka my mother) suggested I ought to make more effort in seeking out a more masculine outfit. Now he is resplendent in his very Aussie ACDC coat.

Of course all this dog-clothes-wearing malarkey led me on a Google Images extravaganza. God I love Google! When I think of Thankful Thursday, Google is right at the top of my hit list alongside Electric blankets and spa baths.
So because I'm a sharing, caring kind of girl .. here's some of my favs - superman is a recurring theme.
Of course googling one thing leads to another... from doggy toenail pedicures ...
Seriously, people have time for this????
To happy dogs ....
To my favourite Dogs underwater by the Amaaaazing Seth Casteel

From here it was really just a hop, skip and jump to a man wearing limes on his body.

In answer to your last question. I have no idea. Not a clue. None.

I'm off to do some shopping, buy some limes.. the usual stuff.
What do you do when you want to put a smile on your face?

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  1. You're right, Abby does actually look pissed off! This post cracked me up. I think my favourite might be the hot dog.

    Thanks so much for linking up. Everyone needs a bit of silliness in their lives :-)


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